Massage Center in indigo heights Hotel & suites Lahore

Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites in Lahore offer a luxurious massage center experience. The Massage Center at Indigo Heights provides a wide range of therapeutic services and treatments to help you relax, rejuvenate and refresh your body. All their massage therapies are done by experienced masseuses who specialize in different types of massages such as full body massages, deep tissue massages, sports massages, and more. Their packages provide an individual or group massage options with the flexibility to choose from various price points that fit your budget. They also have great discounts and promotions for regular customers which make visiting the Massage Center all the more attractive.

The amenities available at the Massage Center include private rooms with comfortable beds, saunas or spas depending on your preference, relaxation areas for further comfort during the treatment session as well as other related services like aromatherapy and hot stone therapy. With all these offerings combined it is easy to see why so many people find themselves coming back time after time to relax and take some time out from their everyday lives to come visit the Indigo Height’s Massage Center!

Types of Massages

In addition to the full body massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage, Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center also offers Swedish massages which focus on relaxation and relieving tension. This type of massage uses long strokes, kneading motions and rubbing techniques to help release tight muscles while calming the mind. It has been known to improve circulation as well as reduce mental stress.

Reflexology is another popular service available at Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center. It is a form of alternative medicine that involves applying pressure to certain points or areas on the feet or hands which correspond with different parts of the body’s internal organs in order to promote overall wellbeing and healing. Reflexologists use their knowledge of anatomy and physiology along with traditional Chinese medicine principles in order to provide relief from pain, stress reduction, improved sleep quality as well as other positive benefits for their clients.

If you are looking for more luxurious treatments then you can opt for hot stone therapy which combines heat therapy with massage techniques using heated basalt stones placed throughout your body combined with essential oils such as lavender oil for added relaxation effects. Likewise there is aromatherapy which uses fragrant plant extracts called “essential oils” applied topically during a relaxing massage session in order to create an environment conducive towards calming emotions while providing therapeutic benefits such as reducing anxiety levels or helping boost energy levels naturally without any drugs involved!

Prices and Packages

Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center offers a variety of packages to suit individual and group needs. For individuals, there are multiple massage options available with prices ranging from budget friendly to luxury services depending on your preference. All the treatments can be customized according to specific requests in order to create an optimal experience for each client. Group massage sessions are also available at special discounted rates which make it more affordable for groups of friends or family members looking for a relaxing time together.

The discounts and promotions offered by Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center makes it even more attractive for regular clients who come back time after time. Special loyalty programs allow frequent customers access to exclusive offers such as additional discounts, free upgrades, complimentary spa products or other rewards that increase with every visit! Additionally they also have seasonal sales and promotional events that give out great deals which help make getting pampered all the more enjoyable!

Massage Therapists

At Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center, the massage therapists are carefully chosen for their qualifications and experience in order to ensure that each individual receives the highest quality service. All of the massage therapists have extensive training and certifications from recognized institutions, as well as years of knowledge gained through professional practice. They specialize in a variety of different types of massages such as full body massages, deep tissue massages, sports massages, Swedish massage techniques and reflexology treatments.

The massage therapies available at Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center vary depending on what type is best suited for each person’s needs. For those looking for relaxation or relief from stress and tension, full body massages are recommended which involve gentle kneading motions done with light pressure all over the body. Deep tissue massages use firm pressure to target specific areas such as tight muscles while sports massages help athletes improve flexibility and performance by targeting specific muscle groups with certain stretching techniques. Swedish massage therapy incorporates long strokes combined with kneading motions to relax muscles while increasing circulation whereas reflexology uses pressure points on hands or feet to promote overall wellbeing throughout the entire body.

No matter what type of massage you choose at Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center your visit will be tailored specifically towards achieving a heightened sense of physical health combined with mental clarity and peace-of-mind relaxation!


The amenities available in the massage rooms at Indigo Heights Hotel & Suites’ Massage Center ensure a comfortable experience for all their guests. Each room is equipped with cozy beds, pillows and blankets to help you relax and unwind while the masseuse performs her treatments. To further enhance your relaxation, each room is also fitted with dimmer lights that can be adjusted according to preference as well as soft music playing in the background to create an even more serene atmosphere.

To complete your experience of total comfort and wellbeing, sauna or spa areas are also available depending on what best suits your needs. These offer a perfect way to completely rejuvenate after a long day by helping rid the body of toxins through steam therapy or simply just having some quiet time away from it all. Additionally there are other relaxation areas where clients can take their time enjoying snacks and drinks before or after their treatment session which helps round off this ultimate luxury massage center experience!

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